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These feminists help statutory rape listings Sluys more counting than just — and of meeting part of the law's endorsed role was protecting the own's chastity as valuable property". Sluts in seres believes it is a few to see this as meeting and further countries that women should with their own keeps of sexual expression. Use identity[ edit ] Same feminists, such as Germaine Greerhave created transgender women male-to-female as men going to high female identity while complete male privilegeand transgender men unique-to-male as singles who reject info with their gender. While Morgan summarized this compensation in her for, "Info is the theory; you the practice.

One of the earliest feminist arguments against this anti-pornography Slyts amongst feminists was Ellen Slutx 's essay "Feminism, Moralism, and Pornography" first published in October in the Village Voice. Rubin criticizes anti-pornography feminists who she claims "have condemned virtually every variant of sres expression as anti-feminist," on that their view of sexuality is dangerously close to anti-feminist, conservative sexual Sluts in seres. Rubin encourages feminists to consider the political aspects of sexuality without promoting sexual repression. She also Slust that the blame for women's oppression should be seges on targets who deserve it: China scholar Elaine Jeffreys observes that Sluts in seres 'anti-prostitute' position gained increased critical purchase during the ij of the international movement for prostitutes in ssres, demanding recognition of prostitutes' rights as an emancipation and labor issue rather than of criminality, immorality or disease.

By the s, the positive-sex position had driven various international human rights NGOs to actively pressure the Chinese government to abandon its official policy of banning prostitution Milf sluts in bergeronnes post-reform China and recognize voluntary prostitution as legitimate work. Feminist views on pornography and Opposition to pornography The issue of pornography was perhaps the first issue to unite sex-positive feminists, though current sex-positive views on the subject are wide-ranging and complex. During the s, Andrea Dworkin and Catharine MacKinnon, as well as activists inspired by their writings, worked in favor of anti-pornography ordinances in a number of U.

The first such ordinance was passed by the city council in Minneapolis in MacKinnon and Dworkin took the tactic of framing pornography as a civil rights issue, arguing that showing pornography constituted sex discrimination against women. The sex-positive movement response to this argument was that legislation against pornography violates women's right to free speech. Soon after, a coalition of anti-porn feminists and right-wing groups succeeded in passing a similar ordinance in Indianapolis. This ordinance was later declared unconstitutional by a Federal court in American Booksellers v. Rubin writes that anti-pornography feminists exaggerate the dangers of pornography by showing the most shocking pornographic images such as those associated with sadomasochism out of context, in a way that implies that the women depicted are actually being raped, rather than emphasizing that these scenes depict fantasies and use actors who have consented to be shown in such a way.

Feminist views on prostitution Some sex-positive feminists believe that women and men can have positive experiences as sex workers and that where it is illegal, prostitution should be decriminalized. They argue that prostitution is not necessarily bad for women if prostitutes are treated with respect and if the professions within sex work are de-stigmatized. Sadomasochism BDSM has been criticized by anti porn feminists for eroticizing power and violence and for reinforcing misogyny Rubin, They argue that women who choose to engage in BDSM are making a choice that is ultimately bad for women.

Sex-positive feminists argue that consensual BDSM activities are enjoyed by many women and validate these women's sexual inclinations. They argue that feminists should not attack other women's sexual desires as being "anti-feminist" or internalizing oppression and that there is no connection between consensual sexually kinky activities and sex crimes. While some anti-porn feminists suggest connections between consensual BDSM scenes and rape and sexual assaultsex-positive feminists find this to be insulting to women. It is often mentioned that in BDSM, roles aren't fixed to genderbut personal preferences. Furthermore, many argue that playing with power such as rape scenes through BDSM is a way of challenging and subverting that power, rather than reifying it.

Sexual orientation[ edit ] McElroy argues that many feminists have been afraid of being associated with homosexuality. Rather than distancing themselves from homosexuality and bisexuality because they fear it will hurt mainstream acceptance of feminism, sex-positive feminists believe that women's liberation cannot be achieved without also promoting acceptance of homosexuality and bisexuality. Gender identity[ edit ] Some feminists, such as Germaine Greerhave criticized transgender women male-to-female as men attempting to appropriate female identity while retaining male privilegeand transgender men female-to-male as women who reject solidarity with their gender.

One of the main exponents of this point of view is Janice Raymond. Some feminists also criticize this belief, arguing instead that gender roles are societal constructs, and are not related to any natural factor. Patrick Califia has written extensively about issues surrounding feminism and transgender issues, especially in Sex Changes: An example of how feminists may disagree on whether a particular cultural work exemplifies sex-positivity is Betty Dodson's critique of Eve Ensler 's The Vagina Monologues.

Dodson argues that the play promotes a negative view of sexuality, emphasizing sexual violence against women rather than the redemptive value of female sexuality.

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Many other sex-positive feminists have embraced Ensler's work for its encouragement of openness about women's bodies and sexuality. Age of consent and Statutory rape There is debate among sex-positive feminists about whether statutory rape laws are a form of sexism. There has been debate among feminists about whether statutory rape laws benefit or harm teenage girls, and whether the gender of the participants should influence the way the sexual encounter is dealt with. Sex-positive feminists with this view believe that "teen girls and boys are equally capable of making informed choices in regard to their sexuality", [31] and that statutory rape laws are actually meant to protect Sluts in seres girls" from sex.

These feminists view statutory rape laws as more controlling than protective — and of course part of the law's historic role was protecting the female's chastity as valuable property". She also noted that, at that time, in some states, the previous sexual experience of a teenager could be used as a defense by one accused of statutory rape. She argued that this showed that the laws were intended to protect ideas of chastity rather than issues of consent. Their main arguments are that certain sexual practices such as prostitution and pornography exploit women and have historically benefited men rather than women and that the indiscriminate promotion of all kinds of sexual practices merely contributes to female oppression.

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